Welcome to Dundee Law

Dundee City's most distinctive and enduring landmark

The Law

Formed 400 million years ago from molten rock, Dundee Law is an iconic natural landmark and popular visitor destination in the heart of the City of Dundee.

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Aerial Video

What to find around the Law today – everything from historic stones and World War 2 defences to woodland habitats and location of the toilets. Find them on the video.

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The Law Tunnel

In the 1820s, the Law had a 300 metre long, 3 metre diameter tunnel driven through its eastern flank to carry the Dundee to Newtyle railway. Originally drawn by horse, the first locomotive was introduced in 1833.

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The Law Hidden History

The Law - a volcano or not? Glaciers, fortifications, quarries, early motoring – find out everything in the Law Timeline

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Hillfort Video

3000 years ago, people were active on the Law. Ancient people built an earth, stone and wooden fortress enclosure.

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A spectacular 360

Rising to a height of 174 metres, Dundee Law’s summit is the highest point in the city and provides 360° panoramic views over the city centre, Dundee Waterfront, River Tay, Fife, Perthshire, the Sidlaw Hills and beyond.

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