The Law Timeline

The full history of the Law on one page

The Law - a volcano or not? Glaciers, fortifications, quarries, early motoring – find out everything in the Law Timeline. Scroll down to explore.

415 million years ago to 359 million years ago

Laying Down the Rock

Floods deposit material and sandstone starts to form and volcanoes squeeze molten rock underground to form the rocks of the Law. Dundee's Volcano - Fact or Fiction?

2.6 million years ago to 8000 years ago

Ice Ages

Glaciers of Ice Ages Sculpt the Law, eventually receding to allow trees and other plants to start growing on the Law.

3000 years ago

Bronze Age

Local people have developed a complex society. Bronze Age people use the Law for rituals, including burying their dead with possessions such as weapons and clothing.

2000 - 2500 Years ago

Iron Age

Iron Age hillfort built to protect people and livestock during conflict periods. Hillfort is burnt in a fierce fire. Iron Age Hillfort Video

16th or 17th Century


Law re-fortified with Bastions, possibly during unrest during the Rough Wooing.


Battle of Killiecrankie - Raising the Standard

John Graham leaves Dundee to fight at Killiecrankie - Find out More


The Newtyle Railway

The Law incline and tunnel built, and used for moving goods and people on the railway. Railway relocated to the Ninewells deviation. Newtyle Railway Video

1850's - 1908

Quarrying and road

Open quarries produce high quality rock for construction. Quarries later used for land fill. The first car to drive to the top was a 1906 Werbell, built in Dundee.

16th May 1925

War Memorial

The War Memorial is unveiled


World War II

Pillbox built, memorial used as lookout, tunnel used as an air raid shelter

1950's and 1960's

Communications and woodland restoration

The mast and building was built giving reliable communications across the city. It is still used by the emergency services. In the 1960’s trees returned after an absence of hundreds of years.


Creating a place for visitors

View point built, archaeological excavations confirm existence of hillfort and bastions.


The Law Heritage Project

Heritage Lottery Fund award, with grants from the Community Regeneration Fund help to carry out access and biodiversity improvements and engage local people.